About Me

My name is Karen and I’d love to introduce you to Two Tiny Hands – Adventures with the Robot.  This blog is a tale of our adventures outdoors and indoors.  Fun packed with family outings, activities and little tipples of parenting fun.

Back in July 2015 we became a family when our little Robot came into our lives.  Here we are Dave, Myself and our little Robot:

Dave with robot in back pack hugging Karen pulling a funny kissing face

Who are we?

We are an outdoors family, Dave & I have spent many a weekend and holiday walking or cycling around the country. A passion we hope to drill into our little Robot. Currently rather little the Robot sits proud of place in a carrier while we stride off on long walks, and short strolls.

Amongst all our adventures I have my own passion of play, craftyness and self development.  I enjoy working out more interesting ways to play with my son.  Life would be boring if I didn’t have things to do!

Being parents has changed our world.  I hope that you’ll stick around to find out some more.

Why am I blogging?

This blog has evolved because I needed a creative outlet to work with. It encompasses lots of passion for learning and doing, both things making my Mum brain tick! The blogging community opens with wide arms and swallows you in making you warm and fuzzy! I love it!

**The Robot is our affectionate name for our little man**

Mini tour of my blog:

Currently I’m most proud of my linky party #FamilyFun!

One of my top posts is That Annoying Thing That Bloggers Do… Whats Your Handle?.

One of my favourote posts is A Guide to Camping with a Baby

Where to find me:

Twitter: @IsntItPrettyKTB
Facebook: TwoTinyHandsUK
Instagram: Two Tiny Hands
Pinterest: Twotinyhands

Email: Karen@twotinyhands.co.uk

Where else you can find me:

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