ABC123Challenge Half Way Point #FamilyFunLinky

ABC123Challenge Half Way Point #FamilyFunLinky

Firstly if you are here for the Family Fun linky I do apologise that we’re taking a break this week because of the Spring Bank Holiday.  We’ll be enjoying the nice weather that we seem to be having, you should go and do this too!!  Do feel free to stick around though and take a look at this half way point through the abc123challenge!

It’s been 13 weeks of fun so far, our numbers are few but those that are joining in are sticking it out and I really enjoy keeping up with everyone’s progress. I may batch do this at the end of the week but I do give everyone a little comment eventually!

There have been a few things that I’ve chucked out the window along the way.  Having two instagram accounts is just unmanageable so I am just doing the challenge through my @twotinymakes account.  The chocolate bar challenge has gone too.  I ended up eating two duo sized chocolate bars one day for the challenge and had a massive sugar crash after.  It did me no good so I won’t be posting chocolate bars anymore.

The cross stitching I was doing has gone too. I think I only managed two weeks but it just wasn’t interesting to me enough.  As for things that I am carrying on they are to follow…

My tiny letters are becoming a firm favourite.  I am loving piecing them together each week.  It’s going to be an ace mini quilt by the time I’ve finished.

All my tiny letters

Here are the other things I’m posting about on Instagram.  The colours starting with the letter of the week is quite fun.  It reminds me of the old TV test card from before the time of Netflix.  The letter sketches have also inspired me to start-up my etsy shop making personalised prints for people.  Pop along to my shop if you want to take a look.

The play activities are still in full force on the blog.  Make sure you swing by on a Wednesday to see what this weeks play activity is about.

#ABC123Challenge The Letter N

The letter N abc dice

This week we are into the last half of the alphabet with the letter N.  Don’t forget to swing by the hashtag on instagram to see what others are posting about.  Here’s a sneak peak at some pictures from the letter M last week:

selection of 9 images representing the letter M

Hope you have a great week and we will see you next week for some Family Fun!

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