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Welcome to my challenge #ABC123.  Are you brave enough to take it on?  Do you want to get into the habit of blog posting on a regular basis?  Why not have a go at this challenge.

26 weeks 78 posts, every week a different letter of the alphabet.  Each week write 3 posts based on the headings below.

Wait? What? You’re not that crazy?  Can’t commit the time, well why don’t you pick one element and give it a go.

A bit of childs play {ACTIVITY}

Playing with a baby can get monotonous at times. Broaden your horizons and come up with some different ideas to keep your little one entertained.  Have you passed the baby age?  Adapt it to your toddlers, school age, teenagers.  It’ll be great to see what you come with.  Pinterest is your friend!

Be what you want it to be {BE}

This element is up to you.  As long as it corresponds with your letter of the week, it counts!  Want to talk about babies, love, life the world go ahead it’s entirely up to you.

Cooking {IT’S FOOD TIME}

Have a go at cooking different recipes each week.  Try and be healthy but a few naughty puddings chucked in will never go amiss.  The fun of looking for a recipe starting with a different letter is the best bit!

Want to have a go?  Just grab my badge and tweet me to let me know how you are getting on @IsntItPrettyKTB

Two Tiny Hands


Red Sensory Box

Red Sensory Box A month or so ago I started a bit of a sensory box adventure.  It’s a slow burner but one that I am going to develop over the coming months.  Red just reminds me of my favourite season Autumn so I figured I’d start off with a …

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Wildlife Ice Age Sensory Play

Wildlife Ice Age Sensory Play – Playing with ice cubes is just another fun way to engage your child what better way to theme it than with wildlife toys! Put it all in the freezer, shake about and find out how we got on playing with ice.

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The A-Z of Playing With Your Baby

The A-Z of Playing With Your Baby A whole 26 weeks ago…  Okay, a whole 30 weeks ago I started a challenge to come up with 26 different ways of playing with your baby.  As part of my #ABC123 challenge I managed it, I followed the alphabet and have got …

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Lets All Go to the Zoo

Lets All Go to the Zoo Maybe not all of us…  The Robot and I have purchased an annual pass to our local Zoo The Lakeland Wildlife Oasis.  It’s only 20 minutes up the road and as zoos go it’s not that big.  We can walk round it in an …

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Yellow Sensory Box

A few weeks back I dyed some rice with the intention of using it for some sensory play.  I totally didn’t blog about it though so I’ll give you quick instructions now. Get a bag of cheap white rice, put in a bowl. Get some food colouring (I used the …

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Xanthan Gum Fun – Slime!

Pinterest is one of my favourite platforms for getting ideas of the sort of play activities to tackle with the Robot.  I’ve seen a lot about slime and I’ve really wanted to give it a go.   It’s week X of my ABC123 challenge this week and I had to reach …

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Water Beads With a One Year Old

When I first heard about water beads I got excited.  A different material than just ordinary water to play with, brilliant.  They aren’t edible though so I bought them with, “I’ll try them and see how it goes” in mind.   The Robot now at 13 months has got really …

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Velcro Puzzle Game

Have you ever wanted a puzzle that can change and adapt to your growing child’s needs?  Well I think I’ve come up with an idea that will solve this. All you need is a mini white board and pen, some Velcro dots and shapes or pictures.  I bought a board …

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Under Water Sea Foam Sensory Play

I’m really happy that the weather has been warmer recently as it’s making “wet” messy play easier to do.  This week I am going underwater with some foam sensory play.  I found this idea at Two Daloo – Soapy Sea Foam.  I packed the little man off for his daytime …

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Tug Box Fun For Little One

I’m not normally a ‘how to make’ type blogger but this weeks play activity involved me making a Tug Box for the one year old tuRobot.  Basically a box with string and ribbon going through it that can be pulled back and forth. What harm can a little how to …

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