A Weekend in Wales

A Weekend in Wales

We’ve been kind of sucked into a Summer of weddings this year so we haven’t been away on any camping trips or longer holidays.  Plenty of day trips, and the weddings themselves have taken us around the country to some beautiful destinations.  However I want to take you back to the beginning of July when you could say that the wedding season actually started.   We went for a long weekend in Wales.

It was for the hen/stag do of my brother and now sister in law, a chance to meet their friends and them to meet us as family.  We thought we’d make the most of the weekend and head down a day early.  It was the Robots 2nd birthday so the perfect excuse not to throw him a party.   We stayed at the  YHA Snowdon Bryn Gwynant near Mount Snowdon, a beautiful old building with fantastic views.  One of my favourite things was the Giants Chair that sits in the grounds of the hostel.  It looks out over the lake and mountains that you can see later in this post.

Karen and Robot sat in a giant wooden chair outside the Youth hostel

Having been stuck in the car most of the day and loads of energy, we went down to the lake to explore after tea.  The best thing about staying in hostels is the fact that we can self cater, cook our own food when and how we want.  Makes it cheaper and a heck of a lot more convenient when you’ve got a little one.  You can take mini people to stay at YHA hostels without paying until they are 5 but you have to book a private room, I think you need a private room up until they are 11.

We found an old boat house at the lake which the boys liked to scare me with, the water was deep:

Playing down by the lake - dave is swinging Robot over the lake

A nice restful night sleep and a whole day ahead of us until we had to meet up with the rest of the party we decided to go exploring.   Packing up our car so we could check out of the hostel we then headed back down to the lake where we had a bit more access. The weather was nice enough so I took great delight in watching these two go paddling.  I sat, watched and took photos!

Playing by the lake

Our next visit was closer to Ffestiniog, Dave remembers the Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railway from when he was a kid and his idea was to park up and walk up to one of the higher stations rather than catching it at the start.  It was a beautiful walk in the end, up through a stream and through some forests, a wrong turning here and there and we made it up to the Ddaullt station.

I loves this photo of the two boys ahead about to walk over the stream on a rickety bridge.

Dave and robot walkig up the path to the waterfall bridge

Ddaullt station is pretty special, fairly near the top of this Welsh steam railway the track completely circles around the station.  We managed to get to the station in time to see one of the engines circle us.  Although a 40 minute wait but believe it or not there is plenty enough to entertain a day old 2 year old.  No regular trains meant playing on the tracks, throwing stones, hiding behind rocks, climbing along benches and generally entertaining himself.

Robot stood next to a sign at ddaualt station

We had luck too, the train that was coming down passed by a train that was going up at the next station so we decided to treat our birthday boy and have a ride on the engine, swap trains and come back.  Very exciting and beautiful views.  Here is a mini video of the steam train in action:

That evening we met up with my brother and the gang from London, they had horrendous traffic problems and arrived to charcoal BBQ burgers and chicken and overdone jacket potatoes but hey, they got fed!  The rest of the weekend was spent with them and enjoying the activities.   We joined them for the day at Zip World, with the UK’s largest zip wires.   I’d have loved to take part, one of the many downsides of pregnancy said no. When agreeing to go on the weekend I decided that scared of heights Dave wouldn’t want to go on it either…

Well mwah ha ha, when someone had to drop out I said why doesn’t Dave go.  He gallantly said yes but just look at his face:

dave looking scared before going on the zipwires

In the end he did enjoy it so it goes to show that sometimes you need to face your fears!   Lots of nice food and drink for the rest of the weekend and time to go home.  I couldn’t leave without sharing the wonderful onesies that we got for the weekend.  Nice and cozy and I’m looking forward to winter to wearing them even more!

karen dave and robot stood in the fog wearing their onesies, a frog giraffe and hippo.









  1. What a fabulous weekend!!! Steam trains and zip lines – you managed to combine two of the most fun things we did in France this summer too! The walk towards the train station looks stunning, what a wonderful adventure, my boys would have loved it too. As for the zip lines, well done to Dave for overcoming his fear of heights.
    Annette, Four Acorns / Quatre graines de chêne recently posted…Of coloured clays and green lentils / En terre d’argiles colorées et de lentilles vertesMy Profile

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