A Letter to My Robot Now You Have A Sister

A Letter to My Robot


Dear Little Robot

You are no longer my littlest baby anymore.  You’re a big brother, the best kind, one to a little sister.  Your Daddy is a big brother and your Mummy is a little sister.  It just seems fitting that you both get to follow in our footsteps.

You blow my mind on a daily basis, you have grown up infront of my eyes.  Walking, talking, moments of frustration, you play, you get upset, you laugh without abandonment, learn and to be honest you are pretty blooming amazing.  You and I are a team and now we have your sister!

I feel so privelidged to have shaped the first 2 years of your life.  Keeping you close, allowing your to grow and become the independant little person you are.  Being there in the early hours of the morning when I am all you want, the secret cuddles and night feeds the little chats and shadow puppets that belong to us.

I’m so fortunate that before your little sister arrived that you cracked the sleeping thing.  The transfer to a toddler bed, freeing up the cot, sleeping through the night and mostly all night too. I can’t imagine how I’d cope with 2 of you needing me so much in the night.  Thank you for being paitent with me while I catch up on my sleep and rest.

Your independance is amazing.  Your thirst to explore your surroundings, your stamina to walk for miles.  Your will to walk the way you want to go and I normally have no problems with which way that is!  Being outside is a daily treat, it’s important to all of us to get out the house and I am so happy you are willing to agree.  Coat or no coat, wellies or not!

At 2 and a bit you are hitting and smashing every target deemed important.   I’ve seen the health vistors to prove it.  Absolubtly no problems with you my dear boy.  Growing into my perfect little boy.

Now you are a big brother and things will change a little bit, my time will be spread between the two of you and I might not be able to give you everything you need.  At least right there are at that moment.  I hope you’ll be able to appreciate how little your sister is and how much she needs me while she is so little.   Let’s hope that you love her as much if not more than I do too.  You can help me in her early stages to life, you can show her how to be an awesome little sister.

Meeting your little sister for the first time was a little daunting for you but you took it in your stride.  Arriving in the room expecting just Mummy and bump with a gentle game of peekaboo the surprise of Mummy, baby sister and midwives was too much for you. You made us laugh but you came around, gave us a cuddle and a kiss then went about your day. 

I hope that you two will be the best of friends, play and explore the world with each other.   There is one thing that I am sure though is that if she is anything like you my little Robot she is going to be an amazing addition to our small family.

I could go on with how awesome I think you are or how much I believe you’ll be a great big brother but I am going to stop now.  Turn off the computer and come and snuggle up with you and your little sister.

Loving you with all my heart,


Robot holding and looking at baby sister
Whispering “keep still, keep still” in baby sisters ear

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