A is for Alphabet 

What better way to start an alphabet challenge than with a post all about Learning the alphabet!!  From a very early age we’ve always read to the Robot and we’re continuing this with CABS.  The Robot really loves his ABC books and we think this has fostered a fascination with letters.

We are big believers in learning what your interested in and because of this letter obsession we do activities based around the alphabet.  I thought I’d share with you these activities for you to try if you wish.

Outdoor Observation

We often go on little walks and they often take ages because the Robot stops at every letter or number to say what it is.  Our favourite is when we go find the moon but even just walking to the park we pass several water and BT man holes, they’ve all got letters on!

Find The Letter Magnets

I found some cheap fridge magnets at a charity shop one day and stored them until the Robot was ready to appreciate them.  He loves finding his favourite letters.  We made up a simple alphabet letter and word cards to match the magnets too:

magnet game with letters for the robot to lay on othe letters

How’d he do?  The idea goes that he would pick a letter and then match it up with the card. In reality though at 2 he was more interested in knowing where the letter A was.  He had me searching for his favourites and getting me to place them.  Getting excited by the fact we had multiples of some.

robots hand playing the magnet game

Puzzles and Books

Reading is by far our favourite way to spend time together.  Snuggled on the sofa reading books.  We have our kids books located where I normally breastfeed baby CABS too so if we’re caught short with nothing to do the Robot is then happy to sit next to me and read.    He really loves his ABC books because they are railway based.  You can just see them in this picture:

ALPHABET books and puzzles set up around the magnet game ready for robot to find and play

He’s learnt them word for word, it’s not just letters, and when we’re out walking we speak the book out without it there.  It amazes me how he does this.  It’s not just A, it’s “s for all clear as the signal goes down. B for the buffers that sit there and frown.”

We also quite like our puzzles but it’s not always the alphabet one shown here. Getting on with a puzzle together is a fab way for us to connect and this is something that I am really working on doing with the Robot this year.  CABS can sit by and watch too.

There you go, a few things that we do with the Robot but possibly the most important thing I find is time, giving him my time to play at learning.   I’d love to try things like peg letter matching and play doh shapes one day in the future… have you got any other ideas for little learners?  I’d love to hear them.

This is part of the #ABC123Challenge



  1. My toddler loves letters – she likes to get out Bananagrams and ‘spell’ words, then ask me what they say. She’s also memorized all her favourite books – some books that even I don’t know all the words to – and I feel bad that her memory is better than mine! To be fair, there’s a lot more stuff in my brain. #familyfunlinky
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  2. I love it when they start learning like this. Little Man loves his letters and his reading and writing are coming along brilliantly since starting school. Their little sponge-like brains fascinate me! #familyfun

  3. I am always amazed at the retention kids have for stories. Both my girls can memorize a favourite book after only a few readings. It’s wild!

    A fun sensory idea I read (but never tried myself) was pouring out Jello powder (or sugar) and letting the kids “draw” letters in it. So you’d pull one of your letters from your bin and your little guy would try to recreate it with his finger in the powder. Not sure if you’re at the point of creating letters yet, but might be something to file away…

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  4. We love letters too! When Robot starts using those letter matching sheets the way you intended, a good idea (as variation) would be to match small to big letters and the opposite.
    I look forward to following what you come up with for the rest of this alphabeth challenge! If it runs again next year, we’ll probably join in, too x
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