A Day Trip to West Cumbria

West Cumbria feels like its in the middle of nowhere, you have to navigate round the whole of the Lake District to get there on small roads and often behind several tractors or (shudders) caravans.  When you are there though it’s worth the hour and a half journey from our house to get there!

We headed to the beach first for a picnic. The first picnic of the year… The lovely warm spring sun was just what we needed.   We were at the beach accessed near Ravenglass.  It’s normally totally windswept here and the thought of sitting and eating is often far away.  Not today, just check it out:

HAving a picnic on the beach near drigg / Ravenglass

After a hearty packet of crisps and cheese sandwich the boys went off to play in the sand and making dams with the stream.   I drank a cuppa tea from the flask and hunted for more food… I really do need to explain the concept of cake and pork pies in a picnic to Dave or just make it myself next time.

Robot and Dave building dams at the Beach near Drigg/Ravenglass

Within 5 minutes of the boys playing Dave had rescued The Robot from getting soaked shoes at least twice so I shouted across to him to take his shoes of and roll his trousers up.  This was the best fun. He splashes about and got completely soaked (and freezing) for ages.  I joined them collecting stones for a story stone craft project I have planned.  Dave loves dam building!!

Robot playing in the streat at the beach near Ravenglass

After the Robot soaking we headed back to the car to towel dry and put warm clothes on.  The plan was to walk along the coast a bit to Ravenglass but 2 big rivers to cross meant a change in plan.  So while the Robot pretended to drive the car, we drank tea and came up with our new plan…

We drove inland to visit England’s deepest lake Wastwater on the edge of the Lake District. At the foot of Scarfell Pike its unbelievabley pretty especially with snow-capped hills.

The view of scafell Pike in the Lake District from the Lake Wastwater

We thought about going for a bit of a walk but both feeling a little lethargic from the drive we decided to hang out on the shore line with the football for a bit.

The Robots earlier soaking didn’t deter him from getting wet again. He’s got really good at saying 1, 2, 3, go lately or at least knowing what it means as he did this by the shore a few times and started running towards the lake.  It was inevitable, we stripped off his shoes and trousers so he could paddle. He requested his jumper and t-shirt off too. All Dave’s doing so when the Robot launched naked bar nappy at the Lake it was Dave that followed in his socks and shoes!

I ran up to the car to get a towel and nappies, which I thankfully did as his was butt naked when I got back 3 minutes later.  Icy cold the Robot came on shore for a cuddle in the towel with me without any complaints:

Mummy and Robot at the Lake Wastwater

We sat there for a bit throwing stones in the lake to make big splashes. Thankfully it wasn’t windy and the sun was shining warm, so he warmed up quickly.  The Robot then stood up and toddled over to his Daddy and asked for a kiss. So cute!  Even a cuddly picture;

Robot with his Daddy at Lake Wastwater in the Lake District

After 2 more splashes in the Lake we managed to get the Robot dry and clothed again.  A short snack at the car we headed off in search of sustenance in the form of a quick drink in one of the many pubs on the way home.

All in all it was a beautiful day and will hold loads of new year memories for us.  A beautiful non-touristy part of the world.




  1. What a wonderful day out yoh and and the weather looks glorious. That picture of the deepest lake is stunning to. I’d love to see it in person. Yes definitely get on the cake, my friend a cheese danwhich and a packet of crisp does not a picnic make #familyfun
    Tammymum recently posted…#FamilyFun…Week 28My Profile

  2. Wow you are so lucky to live so close to this, what a beautiful day! I love Wast Water – it is my go-to camping spot when I go to the lake district, and such a lovely walk up Scafell Pike from there. I am just waiting for the kids to be big enough to appreciate a proper walk before we visit again! I am with you on the picnic though – my Dave also needs to learn how to pack a proper one, he usually goes minimalist and light, and that just leaves me wanting to find coffee and cake later on! #countrykids

    1. isntitpretty

      Must be something about the name Dave! Bad picnicking! We often say when they’re older we will walk some amazing places! Here’s hoping that they love it!

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