5×50 Week One

Day 1

What a rubbish weather day, 7am 8am we woke up, damn clocks changing.  The Sun was shinning we were opened the curtains, optimism is great.  I checked the weather app, Rain clouds all day, but a sun mixed in for the next hour.  We got up in double time in order to get out the house for a quick dry walk.  I fetched my boots from the car, the heavens opened.  The Robot has been a bit poorly so I didn’t want him to get cold and wet… Time to put him in his buggy all wrapped up warm.  We walked 5.6K in 1 hour and 20 minutes, in one direction along the canal, oops.  Conveniently we ended up at a cafe! Yum

Our first walk

Full, tired and worn out we walked back the 4K along the main road.  A good start to the Challenge!

Day 2

The Robot is really a bit poorly at the moment.  I took him for a quick 30 minute 2K walk in the morning.  It would be unfair of me to keep him going longer.  He fell asleep almost straight away.  So I went home with the view of going for another little walk in the afternoon.  The weather turned rubbish and it just wasn’t practical to go walking with the Robot.  When Dave got home from work I got my bike out from the shed and went for a spin out on the coastal road.  It only took 20 minutes and I ended up doing 5K.  So today I’m on 7K for the challenge!


I feel like death warmed up! Go away you horrible cold! I did however get out on a walk with the Robot not quite the 5k but it was 51 minutes and I was crawling through the door searching for lemsip when I got back!

Day 4

Still not tip top but with much more appealing weather, my best friend and I took off down the canal.  We wrapped the Robot up so he was nice and cuddly in the buggy, he slept most of the way!  We did 6k and some well deserved cake and custard later on that day!

Day 5

It’s like my cold is getting worse. I can’t breathe! This won’t stop me though. Dave finished work early so we walked to the next village to check out their pub beer garden. It was a beautiful day and 2 Appetisers and an ice cream later we walked home completing a 6k loop.

Day 6

We had another split day of two short walks today.  There isn’t enough time in the day sometimes to get a whole 5K walk in in one go!  So a short 2K followed by an afternoon of 3K walk!  Yipee.

Day 7

It was my friends birthday today and I was spending the day with her celebrating!  We went to Grizedale Forest to have a go on segways!  That was good fun in itself.  I checked my mileage app out and I some how achieved a 5K worth of steps.  I think this then counts as a 5K!?  I’m taking it as a win!  I have done some extra this week and while being poorly!  Please don’t tell me off!

There you have it my first week of the 5×50 Challenge.  I hope next week will be easier, the weather better, and shake off this cold!  I’ll catch up with you next week!  Day 8 is a Brand New Day!



    1. isntitpretty

      Thanks! Segways are so much fun! They keep up right but you have to stand in the right position to keep from going back and forth! Not to hard when you get the hang of it!

  1. welldone you – especially considering I know how rotten you’ve been feeling!! Rain covers are a godsend but you kinda get jealous of them inside all cosy and warm… swear Alyssa laughs at me. Oooo segways – really want to try those. Just realised that this comment kind of looks like the inside of my mind – scary!

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