5×50 Challenge Week Two

5×50 is a challenge where you have to walk, run or cycle 5k a day for 50 days.  It started on Sunday 27th April. The philosophy behind 5×50 is that exercise should become a habit not a chore. Here is my weekly update.

Day 8

This almost became a non starter!  I was having a low morning and the last thing I wanted to do was go out for a walk with the Robot by myself for over an hour.  I just didn’t seem to have it in me.  Knowing that I didn’t want to fail the challenge I decided to get the jogger buggy out and I decided I’d go for a jog with it for the first time.  The buggy was in the car, we don’t have a drive or on street parking so I got the Robot ready in the sling and walked over to the car to transfer him to buggy.  All done and all happy we set off to the canal.  A puncture!! One of the wheels had a puncture, I walked back to the house, found my pump and pumped the tyre up, the tyre burst.  Ughh, I sat on the floor, the Robot still in the wonky buggy and almost felt like crying.  It was sunny outside, but I still didn’t want to go for a walk!!  The bike!  It would be the first solo trip with the Robot on the bike.  It took another 30 minutes to get the bike out and set up the Robot chair and generally get ready to go.

As I set off and headed towards the canal, I realised that we were in Robot danger zone!  He hadn’t napped yet and he was due one!  If there was ever a time he would kick off was when I was by myself on the bike, thankfully he just fell asleep on the back of the bike.  It’s good to know he’ll do this as initially we didn’t think he would.  I cycled to the next village and back, and I got day 8 5K in the bag!  It took a lot of effort to get it but as always I am glad I did it!

Day 9

Monday morning brings my weekly FitMum class! Slightly relieved that I wouldn’t have the same dilemma of yesterday of not wanting to go for a walk alone!  We’d have a week off because of Easter, and oh man it was tough today.  A combination of boxing, bear walks and lunging, followed by side planks and repeating!  It was definitely hard work, and definitely counts towards the 5×50 challenge!!

Day 10

It’s Tuesday!  A hang out with Mum day!  It’s lucky that my Mum is pretty obsessed with walking at the moment and it didn’t take convincing her to get out the house when I said I need to fit my 5K in!   We set off with the Robot in sling and went for a walk around Kendal, where my Mum lives.  She took me around the back streets and some lanes that I’ve never been on.  It was really interesting as the old houses in Kendal are really pretty.  She also took me past the first house my parents bought.  I knew roughly where it was but it was interesting to actually see it.  It’s an old house with no road to it and now hidden amongst other houses.  It was 40 years ago that they lived there and it’s crazy that they bought it for £7000 with a 100% mortgage.  I had a look on Zoopla when I got home and it last sold for £145000!  It was a lovely history lesson of the town my Mum grew up in and I am kicking myself that I didn’t take more photos!   But 6K later, that’s another day complete!

Day 11

Another busy day, I wondered how I was going to fit the 5K in.  A trip into town to go to the cinema and lunch out with a Mummy friend.  A rare occurrence and so happy to do it.  I put the 5K on the back burner till the evening as Mum fun time is cherished!   The evening rolled round, I’d walked to the library, walked round town, walked to the supermarket, tidied the house, all with my phone in my pocket.  Do you know what?  By the evening I had walked 5K.  Do you know how amazing I felt that I didn’t have to go out on a special trip to get my mileage in!  I call that a Mummy win any day!

Day 12

Dave was home today, but working, we were going to go for a walk with him, we waited patiently all day.  He got incredibly distracted and 4.30 rolled round and he hadn’t found time for us yet.  Giving up, Robot in the sling, off we went for a walk along the canal.  It was such a nice day that at my get out point I felt even more optimistic and carried on walking and did the whole 5K!  I decided to take a picture of the house I want to own one day.  There is a bench on the tow path side of the canal that looks at it.  I often sit and dream!  It’s a cute house with loads of land, they even have an orchard!!

My House on the canal


Day 13

This is really exciting to announce!  We went for a family bike ride with the Robot on the back of my bike.  We racked up a 20K bike ride!!  I was really impressed with the Robot, he started getting upset within the last mile of the ride.  We know his limit now, 13 miles!  I am really grateful that Dave was with us though as my chain fell off going up a hill!   I am really pleased with myself too, the last time I managed anything more than 10 miles was when I was 5 months pregnant back in March 2015! A whole year ago!  I’m dreaming of some cycle touring ahead this year!

Bike fixing

Day 14

I took a trip into town on the train today.  It always surprises me the distance from the train stations to town.  It doesn’t feel very far but by the time you’ve hiked up and down the hill, including around town and back home again, I had walked 3.5K.  Such a beautiful day I knew that when Dave got home that we would finish of the rest with another mini walk later in the day.  Yes we did, and an extra 2K completed my day and my second week of the 5 x 50 Challenge!

It’s started for this year, but why don’t you join in?  Visit the website below:



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    1. isntitpretty

      Thank you! If wasn’t for the fact I did the challenge in 2014 too I probably would have quit already. I know it’s possible so I keep that as my mantra! Kettlecise sounds interesting!? I assume it has nothing to do with making a brew!!

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