5×50 Challenge Week Four

5×50 is a challenge where you have to walk, run or cycle 5k a day for 50 days.  It started on Sunday 27th April. The philosophy behind 5×50 is that exercise should become a habit not a chore. Here is my weekly update.

Day 22

Going out for a walk with the family is always fun.  We went out for a walk along the river Lune getting a 7.5 k inDave and the Robot in a backpack

Day 23

We’re back on the bikes again and this time we’re spending a night in Slaidburn after cycling 12.5 Miles.

Day 24

Its pretty much true if you cycle one way you have to cycle back, the next day we did just that.  We did cycle home a slightly different way and complete 15 miles.  Here is the little man on the bike out in the hills.

robot on the bike in the hills

Day 25

Busy baby group day so we walked to our baby group and later in the day did a 30 minuter.  Another 5K complete.

Day 26

I walked 1k then bumped into a friend at the park. Compelled to chat in the sun I abandoned the walk. The day got ahead of us but at 4 o clock we cycled to the next village and back, I think it’s 6k along the canal!  We saw our first ducklings, there are loads of them!

ducklings on the canal

Day 27

We walked 3k in the morning this time before bumping into a different friend! Another walk abandoned. We got out on foot again in the afternoon completing our 5k day.

Day 28

We visited my mum and we both walked into town a good 3.5k.  That’s all I managed all day, not 5k but I think I’ll make it up tomorrow! My first naughty day, I hope you’ll forgive this busy mummy!!


It’s started for this year, but why don’t you join in?  Visit the website below:




  1. You’re doing an amazing job with this challenge! I’m sure you’ll make up the remaining miles. I did a little workout this week and I’m trying to start doing something small 3 times a week. I do a little walking with my toddler sometimes, but I’m planning to use early mornings to do something on my own.

    1. isntitpretty

      Thank you! I’m managing it, just. I failed to fill out an update this week so having a double update next week. I find a quick walk out is the best therapy for my head space, better than being in all day!

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