5×50 Challenge Week Six

5×50 is a challenge where you have to walk, run or cycle 5k a day for 50 days.  It started on Sunday 27th April. The philosophy behind 5×50 is that exercise should become a habit not a chore.   I failed to get my week 5 update written last week so I here is a run down of my last fortnight!  I’ll try and make it interesting!

Day 29

After not really leaving the house all day I looked to Dave to babysit the Robot while I took off on my bike. I cycled 9 miles round the local area. 14k completed! I hope that more than makes up for my rubbish day 28!

Day 30

Went for a walk with my Mum, 5K Complete

Day 31

We went in search of bluebells, that is another 5k done!

Day 32

Wednesday and an extended walk to my baby groups. 5k, check!

Day 33

Fit4Mums is on a different day, different place.  Cycle there and back 7K + a Fit4Mums class.  I got a puncture on my bike on the way home too.  It was raining and the Robot had fallen asleep, walked part of the way home pushing the bike.  New experiences all round!

Day 34

Another walk with my Mum, 5K complete!

Day 35

A special trip out for lunch consisted on a walk down the canal to Longlands Pub. There and back, a mighty 12k

canal and towpath stretch

Day 36

Let the Bank Holiday Sunday rain commence.  I got the Robot in his buggy with rain cover and took an extended walk around the shops and canal tow path.  The benefits of 3 supermarkets in close distance… 5K done!

Day 37

Bank Holiday Monday.   Still drizzly in the morning. Holding out for the sunny clouds in the afternoon, we went for a walk with Daddy, oh, another 5k!

Day 38

After a long day stuck in the car, I got to leave the Robot with Daddy and go out for a quick power walk!  ALONE! 5K check!

Day 39

It’s sunny again.  A walk to my usual baby group and an extra in the afternoon.  5K done!

Day 40

No bike this week, still waiting for a new tyre for my bike, it was a vicious puncture!  A Fit4Mums class though so, consider todays exercise complete!

Day 41

Took a train ride into town, all the walking to and from the station, 6k completed.

Day 42

Bit of a mish mash of walking today, to the shops first. Then off to go camping, lots of little walks around the campsite and to the local pub, 5k completed!

There is a week to go till the end now, with a week of fine weather ahead I am hoping for a grand finale!  Do you get out every day?  Where do you go?  What do you do?

It’s started for this year, but why don’t you join in?  Visit the website below:



Pink Pear Bear


    1. isntitpretty

      Sorry, I don’t mean to make you feel like this. With the final day 50 in sight I am looking forward to having a rest one day! I’ll probably still go out for a walk but won’t reach for that 5K!!

    1. isntitpretty

      Ha Ha. That is the 5×50 ethos. I think I would always get out and do something each day but pushing myself to reach the 5k everyday is a little more hard work! Thanks for hosting, you guys are great as usual

  1. You inspire me. I’ve been talking about running again for weeks now….note the use of ‘talking’. I’m going to do it tomorrow on my day off 🙂 I think what you’re doing is awesome and such a great example to your baby. #ABrandNewDay

  2. I love how much variety you get into all the different ways to make up your 5k. I manage on weekdays, but it’s rather monotonous, with the same 5k run on three days plus the normal school and nursery drop offs/pick ups which add up to 5k too. I need more exercise spice in my life and to do it at the weekends too. Thanks for the inspiration xx #ABrandNewDay
    Alice @ The Filling Glass recently posted…Sabotage by comparisonMy Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      I’ve not done the running this time round. My knees can’t handle the pounding, I think pregnancy messes with ligaments and takes time to recover. THat is what I am saying anyway to get out of doing running. Walking and cycling all the way!

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