5×50 The Final Weekend!

For the past 7 weeks I have been taking part in the 5×50 Challenge.  I do hope I’ve not bored you with my updates!  The hardest thing about completing this challenge has been keeping the updates a bit more interesting than, “we went for a walk”…

For those of you that aren’t in the loop 5×50 is a challenge where you have to walk, run or cycle 5k a day for 50 days.  It started back on Sunday 27th April.  The philosophy behind 5×50 is that exercise should become a habit not a chore.

This weekend was the final day 50, and what a weekend it was, but first I need to fill in you in on the final few days:

Day 43

You may have seen the post, but we went for a walk in Yewdale Woods, 10k complete.

Day 44

I got my bike tyre fixed!  A quick cycle to the next village and back another 5K.

Day 45

Uh oh, a failed day but rescued with a Daddy babysitter… A quick power walk for Mummy – 5K check.

Day 46

I’m enjoying the weather so much, I went walking through the fields with an Ice cream and the Robot. 5K.

Day 47

Cycled to my Fit4Mums class and back, aswell as the exercises, consider that 5K done.

Day 48

Walking to Kendal and back with Mum, 5K.

Day 49

Cycled to our campsite for the night, 16K

Day 50

Then Cycled back again, another 16K, pictures to follow.

So there you have it, a whole 50 days of getting out of the house and enjoying ourselves.  I’ve really enjoyed taking part this year. I probably would have gone out every day anyway but this way I got to achieve a goal!

The best thing about this challenge is getting the Robot on the back of the bike and getting cycling again myself.  We’ve gone on several rides over the 5×50 with one goal in mind, a cycle camp.  We managed it this weekend…

Cycle Camping to Helwith Bridge

We sat watching the Robot play on Saturday morning talking about what we’d like to do this weekend.  It was 7am so the possibilities were still endless!  I suggested camping, but as we camped last weekend Dave wasn’t too keen.  This coming from Dave surprised me, so I suggested well why not try on the bikes too?   The idea born, we swung into action…

Our chosen campsite at Helwith Bridge is 30 miles away, somewhere we would’ve cycled too in the past.  With the Robot in tow though we opted to catch the train closer.  With a deadline of a train to catch we were ready to go by 11am.

Bikes fully loaded with baby and pannier bikes in our back yard.

We arrived in Bentham a little while later, fuelled up on sausage rolls and krispie cakes, we set off on what would be our 12 mile cycle ride.  The first leg was all up hill, but brilliant views when we got up there.

Blue sky & clouds, open road and rolling hills all around. Dave is cycling on the road ahead.

The Robot is pretty good, he fell asleep about 30 minutes in.  We took an off-road cycle way at one point, that required pushing the bikes up and over boulders (mini rocks).  I am so impressed he stayed asleep at this point.  It was well worth it though as traffic free cycling is the way forward!  10 miles isn’t too far once you’re used to it.  Our destination in view and only 1.30pm!

landscape view of rolling hills, Phen-y-gent hill in the back ground. A tiny building in the distance is our destination
Look closely in the middle, that little white spot is our destination.

We set up camp and offloaded our camping gear and cycled into the village of Horton in Ribblesdale to buy ice cream.  Only another mile, so it really wasn’t that bad!  Dave got stung by a bee while we were there and was more relieved that it was him that got stung rather than his son who was close by too.

Tent pitched and two bikes leaning against the fence

Back at the campsite we had an hour to play around before a reasonable tea time, we made cups of teas and entertained the Robot.  I had a play with back carrying the Robot on my back with my woven wrap. Turns out I can do it but just need to tie it better!   Luckily, and partly why we chose the campsite, there was a pub next to the campsite.  We got to have tea out for a change, steak and ale pie all round.

Dave & Robot sat together holding onto the Robots beaker

Night time was relatively straight forward.  The Robot slept better than the previous week.  Dave and I got cuddle with wine in the porch of the tent until it got too cold and we headed into our sleeping bags for rest.   The morning bought sun and clouds and a 7am wake up.  We had a train to catch at midday, not wanting to miss it, we got up, ate porridge and packed up in time to get to the station.  An hour early.  Dave not one for resting on his laurels went and bought bacon and beans and made us some brunch on the station platform!

Karen sat with the Robot on the station platform. Bikes and bridge in the background

Overall a fantastic way to end the 5×50 Challenge.  We have many plans ahead for the summer and lots of adventures that we want to go on.   Hopefully we will be able to take you with us.

Some of my favourite memories from the last are recorded in blog form:

Cycling to Glasson Dock

Walking up Coniston Old Man

Walking along the River Lune

Cycling in The Forest of Bowland

Searching for Bluebells

Walking in Yewbarrow Woods, the Lake District

Do you want to know more about the 5×50 for next year?  Why not have a look at their website below.  They are taking sign ups for 2017 already!  Rest assured though I’ll probably take part next year too, so I’ll remind you!



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    1. isntitpretty

      Ahh, I can imagine it’s more difficult to be spontanious with 3! I imagine you will go camping if your’e that determined. I got loads of advice from people saying go camping with them while they are young so that they get used to it. x

  1. Well done for completing the challenge!! I’ve never heard of it, and it really does sound perfect for turning exercise into a habit! The camping trip looks fab, and the pictures are just gorgeous!!!! And it sounds like it all went smoothly, and the Robot behaved beautifully! A pub dinner out followed by cuddles on the tent porch sounds like a perfect end…!! I’ll be checking out the challenge for next year!!

    1. isntitpretty

      I can’t even remember where I heard about it from now, I took part in 2014 too, pre baby. I’ll probably start discussing it before the start next year so you’ll hopefully remember!

  2. You truly are inspirational with what you’ve done – incredible. and what beautiful surroundings to get out and about it: a much nicer setting than the gym. I’m really impressed as well with the variety of exercise! #abrandnewday

    1. isntitpretty

      I use my iPhone heart app. It measures miles and km . It does steps too. If you’re walking an hour a day you’re probably walking approx 4K which is brilliant . I love getting outside it definitely improves the mood and makes for a happier child too.

  3. I’ve loved reading about your challenge – totally inspired and in awe to be honest – you’ve been so committed. I love the fact that it can be as simple as a walk through the fields with an ice-cream – perfect or as serious as a 16km cycle ride to get to your bed for the night. I’m so glad you enjoyed it so much – I bet Robot has loved it! Gorgeous photos too – love the one of him on daddy’s lap with his little cup – adorable #familyfun
    justsayingmum recently posted…If I Could Just Go Back For One DayMy Profile

  4. You are completely amazing, I genuinely wish I had your spirit of adventure and spontonaiety. I didn’t realise that you hadn’t known you were going camping at 7am but by 1.30pm you were at the camp site!! Talk about spontonaiety! Ooo bacon and beans at a train station sounds just perfect too. I love reading about your trips, and congratulations on completing the challenge #familyfun
    Lucy at occupation: (m)other recently posted…Creative Mothers Series – Beta MummyMy Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      Thank you, etc!

      Seriously, thank you. It’s how we’ve lived our free time over the past 9 years I’ve known Dave. It seems only natural to take T along for the ride. I was always pretty adamant a child wouldn’t change our lifestyle!

  5. Love your photos – the landscape is just stunning. This is so impressive that you got to the camp site by 1:30pm and I’m just amazed that you’ve been doing 5k a day…it’s great inspiration for me to get off my butt and do some exercise! What a lovely thing to do as a family xx #triballove #familyfun

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  7. Amazing, I love the idea that you just get up and go. Blimey it takes me half of Saturday to just get going, let alone get on a train, cycle and camp! I’ve never heard of 5×50 before, it sounds like a fab idea. I might have a look at joining in next year, anything that gets us all moving is great in my book!


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