52 Weeks and a Little bit of Love #FamilyFunLinky

Welcome to #FamilyFunLinky Week 52

Family Fun is for all bloggers of all shapes and sizes. A supportive little community to share anything you want.  That’s it from me though for a while… This is my last Family Fun post until the New Year.  I am off to have a baby and get acquainted with the beautiful new baby days, smells and much more.

It is quite fitting though that I’ve managed to stick around to the 52 week… Yes, you do the math that’s a whole year of Family Fun posts.  Sarah and I aint fools though, we’ve been around longer than a year but with the odd holiday and down time we’ve only just got to a whole years worth.  I think that’s good going since we’ve both taken stock a little and spent the most of the last year kicking back with blogging and enjoying family life more.

I’m ever so grateful to Alana for stepping in to take over from me for a bit, she’s been amazing so far and I don’t doubt for one second that she will change.  Permanent fixture me thinks… Always room for 3 people!!

Today is a bit different, I’m not hosting the linky at all I just thought I’d have a bit of celebratory ramble and share some of my favourite blogs from the last years worth of posts and quite possibly why.  Do take some time to go and have a look at the blogs and maybe give them a little follow if you’ve never found them before…

In no particular order my top 10 Family Fun moments:

Family Camping At Stunningly Beautiful Aberafon

For those of you who think we’re adventurous at Two Tiny Hands then you need to go check out Potty Adventures.  This post grabbed me from the start.  Love of Camping and beautiful Wales scenery, beaches and isolation.  What more could we ask for.

Instagram – who cares what I’m eating?

This is Me Now is one of a firm favourite to the linky.  I’ve loved watching Susie’s blog grow and have always enjoyed her writing style. I chose this blog because of my love hate relationship with Instagram and since starting a new account for the Makes portion of this blog I’ve started to love it again.  Taking pictures and looking at pictures of things that are of interest to me are definitely the way forward!!

Lessons from British Mom Bloggers (BMB)

Suchitra from The Phd Mama hasn’t been around on #FamilyFun for a fair few months but I still remember this post with a fond smile.  The love of British Bloggers….  We are all amazing, kind and supportive.  You can’t beat us!  Do take some time to go and check out her blog.

Words To Live By #3: Find The Fun

Yes, I know Alana has joined us as a host now but I really do love her blog and when scrolling through all the Family Fun posts quite a lot of her blogs have had a “feature” or “a number one” link back. I could have chosen any of them as a favourite but I picked out “A Words to Live by”… Never fails to motivate me or take stock on what I am thinking. I guess if you’ve not read Alanas blog yet you soon will be!

Motherhood and the Demise of My Vocabulary

Across the pond Kristin never fails to amuse me with her witty parental anecdotes. Shes a true powerhouse in the blogger world and with 4 little kids in tow I honestly don’t know how she does it all. This post is just one of the many I’ve enjoyed over the year!

Dad’s are parents too!

We’re at a time in the Two Tiny household where Daddy Dave is coming into his own as a parent. He’s always tried to be hands on throughout the Robots life but it’s now at 2 that he and the Robot has a flourishing bond. Katy over at Hot Pink Wellington’s wrote this blog about the Dads being parents too and it’s true!

The Big Secret Pinterest-Perfect Mums Can’t Tell You

I loved this post from Lucy. The ever endless ups and downs of social media, mum bashing and so on… Just go read it. Not everything is as it seems.

Is it bad if your daughter likes pink?

If you’ve not read Katie’s blog you are missing out. She’s another that has had many features and wins on Family Fun and it’s for good reason. Her writing style is brilliant and often witty and moving all at the same time. I’m totally not biased but I could have picked any blog post from the last year and I enjoyed it.


Everything I love about the Topsy Turvy Tribe is explained in this blog post.  I’ve read many over the year that have set to inspire me to be a better me.

Roots grow down so shoots can flirt / Des racines et des ailes

I started with an outdoors post of Potty Adventures, I’ll finish with Annette over at Four Acorns.  I love the adventures that her Four Little Acorns go on and the ethos of outdoor is very much engrained in their lives.  Got to love it.


The trouble with spending hours trawling over 51 Family Fun posts is that it made me realise that 10 blog choices is impossible and there is a huge array of regulars that I would have loved to have chosen too.   So to name but a few… Thirsty Daddy, Life Motherhood and Everything, Stressy Mama, Jakijellz, Muddled Mother, The Mum Reviews, Bammboo, Mission Mindfulness, Diary of An Imperfect Mum, Just Saying Mum, Queen of Collage and many more.

You are all awesome bloggers and make the #FamilyFun community what it is today.  Thank you for taking all the time to stop by almost week on week.  I hope you get as much out of it as we do.

I can’t leave without giving the biggest shout out to Sarah.


Partner in crime.  Not crime.   We’ve never met but talk often.  Your blog is cool and calm and I never get bored with the posts you link up.  We definitely have different holiday expectations and I think that is why it works, we both bring a different side of family life to the Family Fun table.  Hopefully we will arrange that meet up one day!

You won’t find the linky here today so head over to Sarah or Alana’s blog link up if you haven’t already…  I’ll see you there.  Goodbye till next year!


  1. Awww lovely post Karen. Thank you to you and Sarah for making the #FamilyFun linky so amazing – and now to Alana of course You’ve picked out some great posts there which I will check out later. Good luck with the baby, you have some really exciting times ahead. Xx

  2. Ah thank you so much lovely! I love this linky, it was one of the first I found out about and one of the ones I’ve stuck with the most because I love your crafty inspiration and Sarah’s travel and parenting posts. And now we have Alana’s super motivational ones too! Thanks for all your hard work hosting it. Have a fab time off welcoming your baby, hope all goes well, and I’ll probably be having a break in a couple of months when mine arrives. Still, see you on instagram hey 😉 xx

  3. Aaah so much love for you karen. I am truly sad you’ll be leaving for a bit but I’ll be dragging you back in the new year. God you’ve reminded me of some really great posts that have been linked up and there are so many more. Thanks for being my partner in linky crime and enjoy your down time. Hopefully I will SEE you soon, maybe in the new year when you have settled into life as a family of four xx
    Tammymum recently posted…#FamilyFun…WEEK 52!My Profile

  4. Thank you for including one of Words To Live By posts, I have written one of those in a while and really want to get back to it as they’re my favourites, you may have just given me the kick up the bum I needed. Highly honoured to be helping look after your linky baby while you go have a real baby. Have a great few months enjoying all those baby cuddles

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