52 Reasons Why I Love You 

Coming up with 52 reasons why I love you isn’t as hard as I thought it might be. A Mothers love is like no other and all the little things that our babies achieve in the first year of their lives are pretty amazing. 

I was challenged with the task of coming up with a list of 52 things that make me love my little boy.  One for every week of his first year.

Why not have a go for your little one’s birthday?  It is sure a lovely positive and inspiring activity to do!



  1. I love how your laugh reminds me of your daddy
  2. I love the way you explore
  3. I love the way you’ll always smile for me
  4. I love the way you give me a half clap against my breasts
  5. I love how your Daddy randomly say “he’s lovely though, isn’t he?” When watching you
  6. I love the way you get upset when Daddy leaves the room
  7. I love that you do the same for me
  8. I love the cuddles I get at any time of day
  9. I love that you’ll go anywhere anyhow with me without complaining
  10. I love your blossoming nature
  11. I love your beautiful blue eyes
  12. I love your tiny little nose
  13. I love everything about you!
  14. I love finding you sat up in your cot in the morning waiting for me.
  15. I love the way you eat everything
  16. I love the way you lick everything
  17. I love the way you blow raspberries on us
  18. I love that it’s because you copy us that you do this
  19. I love how you pass me things to play with
  20. I love that you can climb
  21. I love seeing you stood up in your cot when I come in your room
  22. I love that you will play with anyone
  23. I love that you smile at everyone
  24. I love that I’m your climbing frame
  25. I love how you love your train
  26. I love that you look for it when we say choo choo
  27. I love it when you clap
  28. I love it when you wave
  29. I love how you ask me to read the same book over and over
  30. I love that you do love books
  31. I love it when you watch the washing machine
  32. I love how you chase a ball around
  33. I love watching you crawl
  34. I love watching you walk too
  35. I love how the little things attract you the most
  36. I love that you are happy to play alone
  37. I love how everything is a drum
  38. I love how you snuggle me late at night
  39. I love watching you explore outside
  40. I love that mud deserves to be eaten
  41. I love that you have learnt gravel isn’t food
  42. I love that you watch everything
  43. I love how you try and pass me everything
  44. I love the little curls on the back of your head
  45. I love how the bath is your favourite place
  46. I love how excited you get over yoghurt
  47. I love how you’re even more excited over milk
  48. I love watching you play with your grandparents
  49. I love how you ‘help’ me sort the cupboards in the kitchen
  50. I love how giggle and crawl away from me
  51. I love you so much
  52. I will love you forever


Robot sat on the floor wearing dungarees, he is looking up at the camera with an adorable smile


  1. I hope Robot had a great day yesterday and happy belated birthday to him. This is such a lovely I love you list. It’s funny that some of the things you love about Robot I also used to love about my kids when they were babies but now they have hopped over to the annoying things list 🙂 thanks for hosting #abrandnewday x
    Pat – White camellias recently posted…Living Arrows 27/52My Profile

  2. Happy Birthday! What a lovely list – I actually got a bit emotional reading it (And I think I must be hormonal, as the one that set me off was the one about getting excited about yoghurt!) It’s lovely to remember all those tiny things that come together to make something huge that is just impossible to put into words. Thanks so much for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove
    Katy – Hot Pink Wellingtons recently posted…A visit to Hampton Court Flower Show 2016My Profile

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