2019 Word of The Year

2019 Word of The Year

It’s the first time that I’ve done the whole word of the year thing before and I’ve probably not done it correctly but the idea has really resonated with me for some reason. Ive seen people choosing a word of the year and channeling it amongst their lives and it seems like a nice idea, so why not give it a go.

Last year I had decided that it was the year to create and try lots of new sewing techniques. I certainly did that and more so you could argue that last years word was create. Even without knowing it I had my mantra for the year!

Ive done some pondering about life and long term goals over the last month or so trying to see if the path I’m heading on is one I want. It’s exciting and I’m very prone to wanting it now, do it all now. Well I can’t, simple, I’ve always said my kids come first at this stage in my life.

The transition to Mum of one to Mum of two has been tough and I look back on what I used to do with the Robot and to now what I don’t do with CABS. We still do loads but I don’t feel like it’s quality. I’m quick to shout, quick to take the easy option, quick to be a Mum I’m not too proud of. I know a lot of it’s related to lack of sleep. Baby CABS doesn’t particularly sleep amazingly and I’m often in a state of tired. Time will change all that.

Time is what I need to look towards and why I am choosing the word of the year for me:


Looking through lists of words, scribbling ideas, taking in my ideas and goals, patience is the word that kept calling me. It seems like something that will fit into my world this next year so well. To actually act upon it might throw up a challenge or two but having it will make me stop and think a bit more. How do I think it’ll work?

life as Mum

My two are still very young and I take for granted that I get to spend all my time with them because I know one day I won’t have that any more. I need to practice more patience with them. Both. In different ways.

The Robot is very much a preschooler now, testing, demanding and pushing new buttons I hadn’t realised we’re there. I’ll endeavour to be more patient with him while he insists on putting his own <insert thing here> on. When he’s asking questions but actually just telling me stuff. When he wants me to be a train (again). When he wants a cuddle, I will give.

Poor CABS is suffering from me having forgotten what this stage of baby to toddlerhood is like. Not yet walking but doing ALL the climbing, getting in everything, not seeing the risks. So I will endeavour to be more patient when she refuses to have a nappy change. When she’s stood screaming at the door because it’s the stairs she wants. When she’s hitting me in the face because she wants milk. When she’s climbed on the Robot for the 10th time and results in a squabble. When she wants a cuddle, I will give.

life as Crafter

I do not have to do it all. Just because I’ve seen someone doing it on Instagram doesn’t mean I have to too. Focus on my game and sew what’s on my plan. Make lists and keep ideas for the future when I have more time. Be patient because trying to do it all really does impact on other areas of life.

Make time to sew for fun but don’t take on something new without an end game. Only join a swap if you know you can fit it in, as much as it’s fun to receive things, it’s only great if you had the time to make something you adore for someone else. Be patient, time is and will be there soon.

life as Me

All the crafting is me and is a way to relax and unwind but it’s not everything. I know I need to have patience with myself. If I’m moody because I’m tired try and find a way to communicate this better. I hate admitting I’m tired I don’t like this to be the reason I’m moody. Can’t I just be moody!

Take a bath, keep running, eat less cake but be patient when you don’t feel the progress from the hard work!

Spend time listening to Dave and cook him some food for a change. It’s good to be patient with him too, he works hard for us and deserves a bit of slack!

I needed a picture for the blog so I’ve started a piece of art that I’m going to take time to make when I need a moment to reflect on what I’m trying to achieve. I’ll come back to you when it’s finished and give you a progress report on how patience is working through my life.

Patience - pen drawing that is partly coloured in

There you have it, my word of the year, patience. I’m looking forward to reminding myself of this throughout the year!

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