2018 The Year I Create

It seems that with my move to including Two Tiny Makes on my blog is the move to being more creative.  This blog never had a set destination and although I’ve pretty much always dreamed of being a craft blogger I never really got round to it. Now that the blog is pretty established and finding my voice I am edging some of my content into the realm of a craft blogger.   I may not be at “here’s a tutorial” just yet but I do feel passionate enough to write about what I am creating in my non parenting and non blogging time… yes I do find time.

2018 Is the Year I Create

Given all the newness into sewing and such again I decided that I need to practice.  I need to practice everything!  It sort of feels like that any way.  I can’t possibly do everything so I have been choosing lots of small manageable projects to take part in.  These being “pick up, put down” projects I can do round the demands of parenting.  It’s more put down than anything in the day time!

I’m enjoying trying new things though, stuff I never dreamt that I’d be having a go at, ideas, trial and error, new works in progresses, new friends, new thought processes;

Self Compassionate Sewing

It’s difficult to find some sew time and often it feels a little selfish to get the sewing stuff out when there is a pile of washing to be done upstairs.  This however is something to beat out of our systems, a new on-line but hope to be real friend some day, Naomi has started a campaign to stamp this selfish thought away.  Self Compassionate Sewing.  Please take the time to read this instagram post:

So my post about self-compassionate sewing seems to have really struck a chord with many people! Leisure activities, such as sewing, play a really important role in helping us to cope with stress through providing ‘time out’ (even if only temporarily) from daily challenges. I’ll be posting about self-compassionate sewing throughout 2018 as I feel really strongly about it. I think it holds potential as an important tool in our tool-box (or sewing kit!) to equip us with self-care, self-worth and relaxation techniques as well as feelings of pride, accomplishment and companionship. So can I set you a challenge for this year? Set aside some time each week (whether 10 minutes or whole days!) to sew just for you, not for work or for deadlines but because you love it! Whether it is a fabric you love, a design you love, a colour you love, a texture you love, a technique you love or simply just because, take the time to invest in YOURSELF through sewing, use the hashtag #selfcompassionatesewing and let’s see if we can get THIS trending rather than #selfishsewing as it is NOT selfish to self-care!! #selfcare #selfcompassionatesewing #selfworth #sew #sewing #instasew #sewingcommunity #patchwork #patchworkandquilting #craft #sewingismyhappyplace #patchworkersofinstagram #begoodtoyou

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Self care, being creative, having a project that is mine is something that has made me thrive throughout my life.  Ever more so now I am a parent and my time is short.  This blog became my creative outlet in the Robots early days but sewing and making is my passion and I am so happy to have discovered it.

Yes I might be sewing and ignoring the washing up, yes, I might be sewing and watching Dave wash up, but this is my time.  A time for me, a time to regenerate my soul.  Make.  Make whatever I want, for me, for my family, for my life.

One Year of Stitches

In the middlle of the night on the first of January I spotted a hashtag on Instagram #1yearofstitches.  I was instantly hooked. I had the equipment in the house in order to take part from the first of January.   So for the past month and a bit I have taken one length of thread each day and stitched farily absent mindedly onto my embroidery ring.  I’ve missed a couple of days here and there but bulk stitched a catch up.  As you can see from this picture I am well on my way now but still got a lot of ground to cover… All year!

A cross stitch random with 2018 in the middle.  its being built on daily

I’m glad I started this because I have no real goal or aim with it.  It’s just a memory of my year in stitch. Creativity with no goal.

30 Day Sketchbook

A bit of a curve ball and very similar to the 1 year of stitches I stumbled across the #30DaySketchbook2018 hashtag.  Not sewing I thought it would be a good opportunity to have a go at drawing again.  I picked the smallest sketchbook I could find and started, on the first of January.  Following a daily prompt I would do an extremely small sketch.  Here  they all are in slide show form:

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It was an interesting challenge to take part in, there were literally 1000’s of people taking part and the standard for some was pretty amazing.  Mine not so much, but the simple act of joining in was enough.  Given my small people I did well to finish the full 30 days.  It’s sparked a bit of interest in designing for me though.  I’d love to have a go at printing my own fabric and by doing these little drawings I could be coming up with my own ideas for a new fabric creation.  I just need to keep on sketching!


2018 is the year I create.  The year I try to find my creative self, to discover where I want to take this new chapter in the blog.  What or where will be a wonder, I do hope that you are along for the ride!?



  1. I love this karen. I’ve so enjoyed watching two tiny makes come into being and seeing your lovely creations.
    I was going to ask this week if you’d like to be part of my creative mothers series. I’d like to keep it ticking along…I have plans for it one day! Anyway ili then saw this and if you do, perhaps this could be the post to share! X
    Lucy recently posted…Belonging to a Book GroupMy Profile

  2. Oooh I most certainly will come along with you for the ride – I love watching your blog and other projects evolve and develop. You are so talented at sketching! I love the point about selfcompassionate sewing. Getting into ‘flow’ with something like sewing, quilting, knitting or writing can be very mindful as you are 100 per cent focussed and present. Good luck with it all! xx #familyfunlinky xx
    Hayley @ Mission: Mindfulness recently posted…Wherever You Go, There You AreMy Profile

  3. What a fabulous idea! I’m not as creative as I used to be in terms of crafts. I went to a sewing class for a while and did some courses. I get terribly frustrated with things I can’t master so beyond making some pyjama trousers and an apron I didn’t get much done! I’m more of a knitter and definitely need to do more with yarn this year. I find it very relaxing #AnythingGoes

  4. I’m loving your 2018 sewing project, what a great thing to look back on once it’s complete. I really need to get back to my crochet, it’s hard to find the time and not feel selfish like you say, but I wholeheartedly agree it’s not selfish in the slightest. We all need to take more time out for ourselves.

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