A 2018 Bucket List

Resolutions, a bucket list, goals call them what you may are fairly prolific in January. It’s only natural really. It’s the start of something new. Making plans, dreaming of all the good that will hopefully come.  It doesn’t mean it will but we all start the year with the right mindset.

With this in mind I decided to put together a little bucket list of things I really hope to achieve this year.  Somewhere I can look back at over the year to remind me to get stuff done!

Family Life
  • Play more and in turn be more present in our children’s lives.
  • Be more adventurous with lunch time food.
  • Take more photos and continue my yearly photo albums.
  • Spend more time outdoors.
  • Ilse of Mann
  • Scotland
  • Eskdale Valley
  • Slaidburn YHA
  • London zoo
  • A hill in the Lakes
  • Silverdale caves
  • Spend a day in the woods
  • #fussycuttingsewalong
  • 100 block challenge
  • Make a keepsake quilt
  • Learn to sew kid clothes
  • Blog more consistently
  • Re-design and overhaul
  • Meet my Tribal friends
  • Grow TwoTinyMakes 

Splitting it up like this hopefully makes it easier to keep.  Some are a tad vague, but chosen because I have something in mind already.  All the trips and holidays are ones that we’ve discussed as places we’d like to visit soon. Whether we will and with the kids at this young phase is another story.

One thing for sure is we will try, if we don’t do these we will try to do something else.  I could have made a never-ending list but where is the fun in that?   Life needs a bit of spontaneity…

Have you got any plans or a bucket list this year?  Do tell..

Happy New Year to you all, I can’t wait to share it with you!

Mission Mindfulness


  1. Wow full of exciting plans. I’m trying to put together a list of my own. My daughter starts nursery this year I’m so so so nervous. I need to make my own list of things that I’m going to do ha. X keep me occupied. Good luck with your list x

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