11 Ways To Lose Money Breastfeeding

Some of the worst things about breastfeeding weren’t that obvious straight away. It is now 8 months on that I’m finding some things just plain annoying.  You get over the initial weeks of feeding it’s tireless but necessary. I didn’t mind this time, I was learning too.  You come out of the fog as an established breast feeder and your supply settles into rhythm. You become complacent you don’t use breast pads any more then bam you leak everywhere, you’re not wearing anything to cover up with you have to hide!

It’s worse than when I had a new born.  My supply is all up and down and just plain all over the place.  I blame the persistent cold, the weaning and my cheeky baby who just likes boob!  Some days he’ll be all over me and some days he’s not that interested.  My boobs are rock solid one minute and super saggy the next.  What are you doing to me my dear child?

Now for the subject of bras.  For the first 5 months I had to sleep in a bra, it was impossible to get through the night without a leak.  I got used to it but if I had a choice I would sleep without a bra.  It isn’t the comfiest of things to sleep in; gravity pulls you down and out.You wake up in the middle of the night twisted and tangled, not what you need when you get woken up every 3 hours anyway.

Living in a bra 24 hours a day you need a good supply of bras. Not just the 2 I initially bought. I had this strange idea I would wear one while the other was in the wash. Not a chance within minutes of getting changed the Robot would undoubtedly throw up on me, down the cleavage making said bra defunct till wash day(hour).


I’ve never been a fan of bra shopping, but for once in my life I have to (wo)man up and just do it. I now own 8 breastfeeding bras, all the same style, 5 black, 3 white.  As I said I am not a fan of bra shopping. Once I found one I liked I went gung hoe and bought a new one each week!  I’m not a fan of spending money either…

Here are my 11 reasons you lose money breast feeding:

  • Hunger
    • Buying cake
    • Buying biscuits
    • Buying chocolate
    • Buying fruit (in attempt to be healthy)
  • Hungry Baby when you are out and about
    • Tea and Cake in a café
    • The pub (choose your own buying here)
  • Emergency Leaking situations
    • New t-shirt
    • New bra
  • Clothes
    • Yes I do need another bra
    • Practical feeding tops
    • Impractical feeding tops (we all have them)


There you have it, not a finite list of spends but none the less all that I have experienced so far.

There are also many brilliant reasons for breastfeeding, even those that save you money.  Breastfeeding is the best thing I’m doing as a mum. Not just because of all the health benefits but because it fits my lifestyle. I love the cuddles, the gentle pat of the boob, the not so gentle smack of the boob and the knowledge it’s me he wants.  There isn’t formula or bottle costs either.

Don’t be put off from breastfeeding the benefits do out way the costs!

Have you any other cheeky costs that you weren’t expecting while breast feeding?  Do let me know!


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  1. What I want to know is what is that pudding?!?!?! 😀 I loved feeding. Fed both of mine for 12 months each and went through a lot of bras. I did eventually graduate into pretty ones from mothercare because I just couldn’t take anymore black and white boulder holders!! 😀 Thanks for linking up with us! #bigpinklink
    Pink Pear Bear recently posted…Big Pink Link Chwech. (6)My Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      It’s a banoffee pie from a little chocolate shop in orton Cumbria. Amazing it was! I do love feeding too. I wonder if I put some hints in I could get some spends for prettier bras! Lol

  2. I wasn’t able to breastfeed Mia so I’m always interested in how others get/got on with it! Its very true that you don’t have the cost of bottles and formula however we didn’t have the cost or drama of needing new nursing bras or finding a suitable breastfeeding top! Positives and negatives to everything 🙂


  3. I remember consuming a lot of cake and not shifting it afterwards!! I threw all my old feeding bras out as they were so worn out and uncomfortable. I am waiting until I am settled in a routine once number 2 arrives and then I will try get some more, I have a couple of maternity bras which should keep me going until then, but I am imaging a big cost.. 🙁 Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again this week x
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