Quilt Blocks -100 Day Challenge  

Quilt Blocks -100 Day Challenge

If you’ve followed Two Tiny Hands for a while now you might have noticed I quite like a challenge.   2017 has been a whole different challenge to the blog challenges I set myself in 2016, heck, I’ve grown a baby! Since discovering the wonders of the quilting world over on Instagram I have come across a few quilt block challenges that I really want to take part in next year.

The main one that has inspired me the most is the 100 quilt blocks in 100 days.   It doesn’t start till March though so it gives me time to explore and practice with “Tula Pink’s City Sampler 100 Modern Quilt Blocks“.  Every page is a new block which get more complicated as you go through the book…    I have decided to practice.

I definitely need to practice!  My first couple of blocks I made you can see in my Instagram feed but are not blog worthy, the colours are rubbish, the seams are out and I completely messed one up by sewing it all wrong.  Once I got my head round how it should all work I made good progress… In theory I should make a quilt out of all these blocks but I don’t own enough fabric to make a really pretty quilt.

I’m loathed to go out and spend money on new fabric when I have all sorts of random fabric stashed away that I really want to work through so I can make space for nicer fabric.  So I have come up with a plan.  I’m currently working through the book having a go at each of the blocks in whatever fabric I have and then making little things out of the blocks that will help my skill set grow.  Here’s what I have first…

Sample Block Prep Pouch – Quilt Blocks 1-4

I couldn’t come up with a better name for it.  With the first 4 blocks I’ve hand quilted the finished blocks and then combined this with a folder of pockets to sort my next sample quilt blocks in.   I decided I needed this in my life so that I can batch cut and then batch sew the blocks.

Made blue and grey pouch, pinned quilting and inside of pouch with 12 pockets storing some red fabric

close up of blue sewing in my hand with a blurred picture of robot in the back ground
Having a sneaky sew while the Robot plays
close up of blue grey fabric with the quilting on
I’m quite enjoying playing with hand quilting.

As you can see I have some little red bits of cut fabric poking out in that last picture, I’ve cut the next six blocks out.  I am just waiting for Dave to work late or go to the pub/shop so I can whip them up into a blocks on the machine when the Robot goes to bed.   This is my only sewing machine time, as the toddler loves to know what I’m doing and the other half gets angry at the noise.  Small life issues!!

I’ve not got a project planned for these yet, have you any ideas of what I should make with my next six blocks?  My thoughts would be a quilted cube zip pouch to store my finished 100 quilt blocks when I start the challenge next year.  Yes or No?



  1. I pinched the dining table last week and took it upstairs ( once I had rehomed the sofa bed that had been up there) cos crabby guts ( sorry my darling husband) moans about the noise the sewing machine makes as well. So now I can quilt in peace with my radio on. heaven.
    may have to look into this challenge, but then some days I never get near a sewing machine

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