10 Things I Learnt at BlogOn MSI 2016

At the weekend I attended BlogOn MSI at Manchester Museum of Science and Industry.   If you are not a blogger this is a blogging conference for bloggers to network and schmooze with other bloggers, brands and PR companies.  Along with a collection of inspiring talks, good food, wine and some amazing goody bags!

It was my first blogging conference and I did start writing a minute by minute take on the day, it got really long and probably boring so I chucked it and came up with the…

10 Things I Learnt at BlogOn MSI 2016

Bloggers are truly helpful, friendly and AMAZING.  On the run up to the event the BlogOn Facebook group helped with anything. What to wear (CHRISTMAS), what to take (SUITCASE – NO JOKE), what not to take .  No question was too silly.

I now know a vast amount about the life Rachel from the blog Rachel Swirl.  She kindly agreed to car share on the journey down to Manchester.  This took the pressure off arriving ALONE.  THANK YOU RACHEL!!

Meeting bloggers I chat to online is pretty awesome…. here they all are:

How to make money from your blog.  Put yourself out there, don’t undervalue yourself and DONT GIVE UP!  It’s bloody hard work for little return so you have to persevere.  The session from  @LeCoinDeMel was really easy to listen too and learn from.

Christmas lunch buffets are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.   I really wish I’d taken a picture of lunch (bad blogger) it was really nice.

Take Inspiration from the seasons.  Use Pinterest and important dates around the year to help write blog content.  It’s never too early or late to write seasonal content because you can always re-love it next year. Evergreen! This session was from @EatsAmazing and really useful to me.

reindeer popcorn

Talking to brands and PRs is daunting but they are happy to talk through things with newbie bloggers.

The Art of Being Brilliant.  A talk on how to be happy.  Think about being a bit more positive and you’ll feel a bit more positive!

BlogOn really do have amazing goody bags and a really awesome raffle.  In my newbie error I didn’t take any good photos but this video from Tayla – Motherhood The Real Deal sums it up:

Finally, your body needs 4 days to recover from the buzz and adrenaline that you use up during the day.  It’s taken me that long to sum it up!

There you have it, my 10 things I learnt at BlogOn.  I do apologise for not including actual hard facts and blogging tips.  I learnt a lot and some that really refreshed my mind on things I already know.  If you are worried about going to a blogging conference don’t be.  Go with an open mind and an open heart.  You will hopefully have fun.


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  1. I’m so unorganised yet again. I’ve taken pictures of the goodie bag contents etc but have yet find the time to actually write a review post of the actual event. I’m also in the process of trying to out a couple of pitches together for some companies that were at BlogOn. Great post #tribalchat

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  3. I love this Karen, and your last point really resonated with me. The recovery time is the most shocking. I’ve been to Blogfest and Britmums Live and they completely wiped me out. I think that the more you go to these things the more you learn (and retain) because you’re used to doing it. I’ll be at Blogfest 2016 in November and I can’t wait.
    Thanks for linking to #pocolo
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